• Documents protected by ECDSA digital signature
  • Widely accepted standard and long term valid (Beyond 2030)


  • No hardware attached on the document
  • Creations are done by normal PC
  • Verifications are done by normal smartphones


  • No document data is placed online
  • Document can be verified offline by public
  • Privacy data only stay in the QR code


  • Special-designed color QR code can store 7KB images and other data in 5*5cm2 printout

What's New?

Nov 22 2018: The code of our desktop generator and color QR code decoder is now available in GitHub
Feb 29 2016: Update the interface of the creation service and website to highlight our new features
Dec 14 2015: Complete and release a stable version of scanner application as well as creation service (scanner now called AuthPaper QR Code Scanner) Download Android Version here Download iOS Version here
Nov 20 2015: This technology has been used in the name badges of ACML 2015 in Nov 20-22 and a special App is published for the event Download here
Oct 26 2015: HiQ, a special designed high-capacity QR code, is now supported by our Android app Download here
June 5 2015: We have published our work in ICC 2015
June 3 2015: We have adopted this technology in CSCIT 2015 in June 8-12 and published a App for them Download here
April 16 2015: We have exhibited AuthPaper in the HKTDC International ICT Expo 2015
April 14 2015: We have released scanner app on Google Play Download here
Jan 22 2015: We have adopted this technology in the name badges of the ITCSC - INC Winter School 2015 and published a mobile App for the event Download here

More technical details on our research project: GO!

This research is supported in part by grants from the Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) of the Hong Kong SAR Government (Project no. ITS/300/13), the Knowledge Transfer Fund at The Chinese University of Hong Kong(CUHK) (Project no. TBF14ENG004), as well as the Mobile Technologies Centre at CUHK.